Books and Film Sites

A proper way to start blogging would probably be by stating why one started blogging in the first place. To be honest, I hadn’t ever considered blogging as a viable option for me – there are so many brilliant blogs around, about themes and topics I would never think myself not even a bit prolific – so this whole matter came as a surprise to me too.

I love reading books. I love watching movies. I love the way both media move my heart and stir my mind. Well, occasionally, not always, but still. I enjoy making comparisons between different takes each medium has on the same subjects. And from these first impressions I love to go on the Internet playground to learn something more about them, and more importantly, to learn what the other fellow readers and viewers think about very same things.

At first I thought I found my promised land in some of truly great books and movies sites – but no, they satisfy me each in one specific field of their interest. Here, in this one blog you are looking at now, I’ll concentrate my efforts on some particular points of my interest, covering all the fields at the same time. In short, that refers to books adapted on screen, books in some way tied to the motion picture industry, and opposite, movies inspired by and about books. You’ll see what I mean in the next posts, hopefully coming soon. Naturally, since this blog is so narrowly oriented, I intend nevertheless to take part in the sites I’ll mention below as often as I used to till now.

Book Sites

  • Goodreads – my favorite site for books, social-oriented and very customizable. Beside shelving, reviewing and discussing the books and editing their data, one may join some of many fully functional and user-friendly groups about any imaginable topics. You may have noticed one of them on the right sidebar of this blog.
  • LibraryThing – doesn’t look so user-friendly and sociable, but that might be of my sheer laziness to do something concrete to make my homepage look more decent. Also, I own many non-English books that are a hassle to add to the bookshelf. Money donating didn’t attract me either.
  • Shelfari – I like the general looks of the site, especially the homepage shelf, goals and stats. I use it mostly for adding and editing data and trivia about books. The social aspect of the site isn’t quite visible.
  • aNobii – I made an account, but didn’t go further — it just didn’t appeal to me.
  • TheReadingRoom – same. Design didn’t attract me much, but maybe that’s because I am too long with Goodreads to give another site a real try.
  • Booklikes – essentially a book blog, visually nice and functionally at first glimpse same as WordPress. It’s still in beta though. It might be simpler than having a blog made from scratch… but in that case it wouldn’t be really yours.
  • Worlds Without End – quite useful site for finding new books and checking your reading stats in the Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy domain. For me very fun, as I love science fiction and fantasy.
  • BookGlutton — reading digital books together with other people in the same group. Haven’t tried it yet, seems not so practical for digital books that aren’t available for free.
  • My Book Club – still in beta. While colorful and appealing at first glance, I currently avoid experimenting with new book clubs, as I am already a member of a couple of them on Goodreads.

That would be all for the book sites – if you have some other interesting suggestions, feel free to post them in comments.

Film Sites

  • IMDB – I still think it is the best. Design isn’t anymore what it used to be, but it is still enormously useful for browsing data about movies, series, cast and crew, festivals, awards etc. I use it also for rating movies, making lists and browsing forums in search for some answers or curiosities.
  • Letterboxd – while IMDB is the site on which to look for information, this is the right site on which to socialize with other movie fans. It is very user-friendly and has really decent and simple design. I love the way one logs and reviews the movies, as diary entries. All options are pretty cool, but I especially like user-made lists and challenges that everybody can join.
  • FilmCrave  – visually isn’t very stunning, but I like it. Information about movies are basic, but are fine for personal use, such as writing reviews and making lists. The members are also decent and smart, although not very numerous.
  • Flixster – I do rate movies occasionally, but do not really care much for it. Irritates me with offers I can’t use.
  • Criticker – Um… I made an account, but forgot both mail and pass. How lousy is that? Some people like scoring movies from 1 to 100, but I find it a bit tiresome.
  • SeenThat – design is pretty cool and interesting, makes really easy to chatter basically with everyone who posts something, being a review, a quote or a thought. However, I am more of the text than the pictures person, so I am not really won over. Still in beta phase, so there are things that should be improved.
  • Rinema – still in very beta phase, so design and concept aren’t wholly shaped yet. A bit alike SeenThat though.
  • Jinni – something new on the scene! Film and TV recommendations based on moods and words of your own choice. Haven’t tried it yet.

I am sure I have forgotten some other sites, so if you are aware of some others, freely post your own recommendations in the comments. The trouble with such influx of new sites is that sooner or later one has to choose to which sites to stick. I know I can’t be equally active and sociable on all of them!