About me

Not much to say about me…  My name is Zeljka and I am an adult Croatian woman who still finds more pleasure in her hobbies than in her daily work life – something not really unusual in these parts of the world. When not travelling and exploring other countries and cultures (due to financial and work constraints, that is not quite often), I enjoy my hometown – a 1700 years old beautiful city on the coast, that is sunny most of the time in the year and holds one of the most prized ancient Roman architectural gems in the human history.

Aside the travel, languages and history, I immensely love books, movies and comparisons between them – hence this blog and membership in many sites of this sort. From all those sites, I personally prefer Goodreads for books, and IMDB with Letterboxd for movies. At Goodreads I also created a club, most conveniently called Books2Movies Club, that works quite neatly even without me, thanks to active and very kind members I would gladly meet in person too.

In this blog I’ll try to review books and movies with as much valuable and interesting information for you, and with as much tolerance and reason allowable both for writers and filmmakers. Some of the posts will be actually expanded editions of my reviews and comments both on Goodreads and Letterboxd.

That would be all about me – quite enough, some might say. Now to go on to actual posts…